Carmen Stevens' Angels Reserve Shiraz 2015

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by Carmen Stevens

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Fun, punchy South African Shiraz

    • If you like BIG expressive flavors, you’re going to be all over this new vintage of Carmen’s Shiraz.

    • From the smoky oak to the intense plummy, dark fruit vibes, this wine is an all-out crowd pleaser.

    • This is the ultimate barbecue wine. Pull this one out when your friends arrive and sip away while you pull apart a rack of smoky, sticky-sweet pork ribs.

Aging advice
The Shiraz has all the attributes for aging; deep color, ripe tannin structure, a great acid balance and a beautifully oak component. The Shiraz has the ability to aging for 3- 5 years in which time all the prominent primary fruit will turn to secondary, more mature fruit.

Serving advice
This wine needs to be decanted for a minimum of 30 min. before enjoyment. The contact that the wine will have with the oxygen will bring all the trapped flavor to the forefront while smoothing out the tannin and acidity.

Local food match
Shiraz is one of the most forgiving wines in terms of food pairings. South Africa Shiraz is your typical BBQ wine because of the spicy expression of the varietal but this wine also pairs well with any cured meats.

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