• You may not have heard of the Pecorino grape before - because the Italians tend to hog it all to themselves!
  • Luckily our Christian's a very well-connected winemaker. He pulled a few strings to secure a stunning deal on a parcel of pristine Pecorino grapes. And you gave him the Angel funding to make a jaw-dropper of a white.
  • Imagine the crisp freshness of a Pinot Grigio with the citrusy zing of a Sauvignon Blanc - it manages to pull off the amazing trick of being flavorsome, yet super-crisp at the same time.

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
Drink now, or cellar up to 3 years.

Serving advice
Serve chilled

Local food match
Excellent with raw fish appetizers, first courses and fish roasts.