Cockamamie Calaveras County Syrah 2011

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by Jeff Stai

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Wine of the Week

    • Jeff's made a whopper of a wine with this intense Syrah with a whole lot of fruit.
    • He pointed to a vineyard just below his winery and said he'd like to buy those grapes. The Angels gave him everything he needed. And he's made the wine at a ridiculous price.
    • Grab a bottle of this before all the Twisted Oak fanboys (there are thousands of them) pile in and grab this wine out from under you!

Aging advice
Should age 2-5 years.

Serving advice
This is still a fairly young Syrah so a little breathing will help open up the aromas and flavors. I prefer to enjoy a wine over a period of time and let it develop in the glass but decanting is always fine.

Local food match
I like this Syrah with a nice slow braised pot roast. I season the meat with just salt about an hour before searing it and throwing it in the slow cooker. I brown a bunch of onions and deglaze the pan with some leftover red wine and that goes in the cooker too with whatever spices sound like a good idea at the time.

Map of the Vineyard