• Love Moscato? This is like Moscato's sophisticated older brother. Intense and smooth all at once. 
  • Jason found some beautiful wines to make this blend unique to the point of raising eyebrows amongst winemakers (who blends Moscato and Sauv Blanc?!)
  • This is a great party wine because it has the depth to appeal to serious wine drinkers but it's fun enough for people who just want to have a nice little white wine.

Map of the Vineyard

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
best drank now! pop and enjoy!

Serving advice
twist the top of the bottle to open. serve slightly chilled on a hot day next to the pool for best results. do not operate heavy equipment while drinking Nectar. Caution... may make you very happy.

Local food match
Thai or anything with a little spice... but not too much spice.