DRG Daryl Groom Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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by Daryl Groom

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Mouthwateringly-juicy and crisp Australian white from your champion winemaker

    • Your 91% white's made an epic return! And it's bursting with juiciness – think ripe apples, melon and crisp citrus fruits. "'Summer in a glass', as my wife calls it," he says.
    • With your funding, your Daryl carefully pinpointed the perfect appellation to grow these juicy Sauvignon Blanc grapes. And he chose not to use oak so he could really showcase the fruit's mouthwateringly-zesty flavors. 
    • From grilled salmon to sushi take-out to simply enjoying it on its own, Daryl's refreshing Sauv is an easy-on-your-pocket winner.

Aging advice
Drink now and don't age. I enjoy this wine best when its young and fresh where the fruit characters shine through. It will age well for 2-5 years but you will loose those bright characters

Serving advice
Serve chilled and make sure you have another bottle in the refrigerator. The biggest complaint I get with this wine is that there is never enough in the bottle. It goes down so easily…be warned!!

Local food match
Sushi, salads and any seafood....and honestly its simply great on its own too.

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