F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Zinfandel 2015

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by Stephen Millier

of 4,969
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of 4,969
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Plush, smooth fruit bomb of a Zin

    • A plush, smooth fruit bomb of a Zin with barrels of chewy spices and dried fruit.
    • Stephen's a Zin Master, and this is a killer example of what he can do with Angel funding. BIG Lodi flavor. Smooth wine. Tiny price.
    • Light spices and herbs can wreak havoc on some wines but Zin loves everything from rosemary to curry. Go crazy with the spice rack and pop open a bottle of this daring red that makes no food a stranger.

Aging advice
Please resist the temptation to drink this wine too fast, "let it be" if you will.

Serving advice
When that time comes to enjoy this wine please allow it to breathe for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Local food match
My favorite thing with Zin is grilled lamb with grilled onions. Then later on why not try some Amador County walnuts with some hardened aged cheese?

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