F. Stephen Millier Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon California 2016

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by Stephen Millier

of 7,784
would buy again
of 7,784
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% Would Buy It Again

2017 Magnum

95% of 20


95% of 2,849

2016 SP

96% of 367


95% of 7,784


93% of 9,360


95% of 4,838


97% of 1,816

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Stephen upgraded his Sierra Foothills Cab - it's your #1 favorite for a reason

    • Your most popular winemaker did it again! This turbo-charged Cab features dark fruits like blackberry and rich toasted flavors like the crust of cherry pie – so soft and smooth!
    • Stephen's delicious Black Label wines are a couple bucks more expensive than his normal wines, but you get so much for that $2 it's unbelievable. He gets that quality by going up into the Sierra Foothills and working with really high-end Cab vineyards.
    • Tender, juicy steak, sizzling on the grill 'til it's cooked just right... it's the perfect pairing (if you don't finish the whole bottle while you're cooking).

Aging advice
This corked wine will age well in the cellar, but be sure to buy another bottle to enjoy now, too.

Serving advice
Pull the cork out half an hour before pouring for friends.

Local food match
Porterhouse steak grilled to perfection, with freshly cut asparagus, creamy potatoes, drizzled olive oil, and chunky sea salt.