• In 2016, you gave Jim Olsen $100,000 and ultimate freedom to make the wine of his dreams as the winner of Winemaker Fantasy – this White Barbera is it!
  • When Jim harvested red Barbera and immediately removed the skins, he kept all of the bright, sweet, and creamy flavors intact – like cherries, oranges and vanilla cream. Anyone else craving cannoli?
  • Says Jim: "This White Barbera is absolutely unique. Full of youthful vibrancy, a fresh, crisp acidity, and a haunting finish – like the sweetest, ripest preserved cherry you've had in your life." 

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
Drink before next summer.

Serving advice
Chill, and open 15 minutes before serving.

Local food match
fish tacos, chicken stir-fry.