• The Yakima Valley's cool climate is perfect for making lush white wines that taste like you're biting into a ripe, juicy peach. That's why Katy harvests Riesling from two different vineyards at Hogue Ranch and one picturesque cliffside overlooking the Columbia River.
  • Katy's a veteran winemaker with a proven track record, but she was so disenchanted with the corporate wine world that she was hanging up her winemaking hat until you came along. Now with Angel-funding, she's back at it and making wines she loves to drink.
  • This Riesling is really crisp and doesn't taste as sweet as most Rieslings you find in the US. It's also not a huge alcoholic wine (right around 12.5% alc.) so you can enjoy a glass or two guilt-free.

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
Drinking great now, stick it in the fridge right away

Serving advice
Drink it with a smile

Local food match
This is the kind of wine that doesn't need any food at all