Michaud Merlot Columbia Valley 2016

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by Justin & Katy Michaud

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Michaud Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2016

Merlot is the star of Columbia Valley - the Michauds are here to prove it

    • So velvety and smooth, you’ll think it’s melted chocolate – and flavors like blueberries, warm vanilla and spice round this silky red out perfectly.

    • Columbia Valley lends itself to producing red wines full of structure and ripe fruitiness – making this Merlot a perfect match for a juicy summer burger.

    • The Michauds take pride in crafting delectable Pacific Northwest wines, and this Merlot is no exception. Thanks to your support, they honed their Washington winemaking mastery into making this sultry red – yours for an unbeatable deal.

USA (Columbia Valley)


Easy Drinking Red

14.60% Alc


Aging advice
I love it right now, it opens with such nice fruit and roundness that I find it to be drinking well. I tend to enjoy my wines most around 5 years old and I think this one is going to continue to drink well into that time frame. I prefer the bright fruit a young wine has so tend to drink them young.

Serving advice
It will probably benefit from decanting or some aeration in the first year. Once wines are bottled they can go through a period of adjustment, so it is usually beneficial to let them breathe a little.

Local food match
Lots of food options out there to pair with a nice Merlot. Because the wine has softer tannins but nice bold fruit it is a pretty versatile wine. You could always go with a roasted chicken, but I thought a nice Lamb Burger would be a great pairing with this vintage. Caramelized vegetables like squash or red peppers might be another option.