Sin Fronteras Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2015

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by Macario Montoya

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Macario's a vegetarian - didn't stop him from making this Napa Cab extra meaty!

    • This is big, muscular Napa Cabernet – from the most sought-after fruit in the world!
    • Flavors like dark chocolate and jammy blackberries add the punch you want from a hefty Napa red with the approachability to drink now. 
    • You gave Macario the chance to make the red of his wildest dreams - so he made you the King of Kings... a Napa Cab for less than $20!

Aging advice
Lay it down for a few more years to fully appreciate its surprises. This isn't a pop and pour wine. Give it a few years to develop and truly appreciate it. If you must open young, give it a few hours of decanting.

Serving advice
Decant for at least 2 hours. Serve at room temperature so that the wines flavors and truly express themselves.

Local food match
Steak Steak Steak. Get your favorite cut of meat and grill it to your liking. Throw some roasted potatoes and a side of green beans and you are set....