Sin Fronteras Los Primos Red Wine California 2016

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by Macario Montoya

of 2,393
would buy again
of 2,393
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94% of 861


94% of 2,393


88% of 2,406


89% of 2,187


89% of 1,238


88% of 3,968

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Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Noir 2017

Layered red full of delicious juicy berries and spicy toasted oak

    • Younger vines produce fruitier, softer wines – and Macario worked with his growers to harvest these grapes nice and early to give you an easy-going, bottle that's fun to drink.
    • Macario uses unusual grape combinations like Merlot and Tempranillo that grow very well in California but don't have the reputation and cost of other more renowned grapes. So you get great this blend for a great price!
    • This blend's got amazing versatility – pair it with breakfast, lunch or dinner. It will shine with anything... from starters to steaks!

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