Donate $30 to hearts in need and get 3 bottles of Daryl’s red as reward

Every cent (after sales tax) of the DRG Wine with Heart 3-pack will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation to benefit congenital heart defect research – and kids like Colby Groom. Your $30 goes to help hearts around the world – and you get a world-class wine in return.

Wine with Heart is a rich red blend handcrafted by Colby’s loving dad, Daryl Groom – 8-time winemaker of the year, legend of Penfolds Grange and indie winemaker at

What other wine company will donate $30 to a great cause and let you get a delicious 3-pack of world-class red wine as a thank you? Enjoy a world-class wine and know you’re doing an incredible amount of good (with wine!)

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You may have a broken heart, or a heart that's had repair, but no matter what, you've got a good heart," Daryl said. "And that makes you the perfect person to help the cause."

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Pre-order DRG's Wine with Heart 3-pack for $30 - 100% donated to charity

    • With this special pre-order, you can join famous winemaker Daryl Groom in supporting life-saving congenital heart defect research – a cause that’s close to home…

    • Daryl’s son was born with congenital heart disease – undergoing back-to-back open heart surgeries by age 10. Colby’s since traveled the world sharing his survivor story, raising over $1.5 million for heart health causes.

    • Now you can help more hearts like Colby’s – through the Groom family's special charitable wine. 100% (excluding sales tax) will be donated to The Children’s Heart Foundation, so you can enjoy world-class wine and know you’re doing an incredible amount of good.

    • Your 3-pack pre-order of Daryl's exclusive reds will ship in Spring 2020 – and we'll cover the cost of delivery.

About Daryl’s exclusive Wine with Heart Red

8-time Winemaker of the Year and Australian legend Daryl Groom (of Penfolds Grange fame!) is an independent winemaker with, where he makes exclusive wines like 90%-rated DRG Cabernet from his home in Russian River Valley.

His newest exclusive red – Wine with Heart – is an expertly-crafted blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah from a selection of his favorite California vineyards. 

With this special pre-order of his special-edition blend, you can help more hearts like Colby’s – 100% of your purchase will go to heart research.

“I’m glad I had two open heart surgeries,” Colby told his dad, winemaker Daryl Groom. “It’s made me who I am today.”

Who Colby is today is a superhero for heart health. Join him and in raising $100,000 for hearts around the world.