How does it work?

Here's how we get you better wines for less money, and still get the winemaker a great deal:

There are NO tie-ins or membership fees. Angels can spend the money in their piggy bank on any of our wines, whenever they want - or get it back if they change their mind.

Over 100 winemakers - over 280 wines

We fund talented winemakers and give them the freedom to make wines the way they want to.

Like Rod Easthope, former Chief Winemaker at Craggy Range, one of New Zealand's most iconic wineries. Rod downed tools to go it alone and make wine exclusively for Angels.

We also fund smaller winemakers who would struggle to raise the cash to make it on their own, like Adrian & Rebecca Santolin (that's them at the top of the page!)

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How does Angel investment make wine taste better?

We don't just sell wines, we make them happen.

Since launching in 2008, Angels have helped us invest over $38m in more than 130 winemakers worldwide.

By committing early and financing the same growers year after year, they can focus on growing quality grapes rather than volume.

Because our growers know that their fruit has been sold upfront, they harvest at the perfect time for ripeness.

We squeeze less juice from the grape so that we get all the fruit and less of the bitter dregs that make cheap wines taste cheap.

We can give nature the time she needs to turn the grape juice into delicious wines, rather than hurry the process with artifical enzymes.

Because we buy barrels, bottles, corks, and labels for tens of thousands of cases we get economies of scale that small winemakers don't.

Because we deliver directly to you, you don't pay for middlemen.

And what do our customers think?

"One of the best things I've ever done. Investing in small great winemakers nets you great wines at ridiculous prices. These are real winemakers funded, like kickstarter, by people like me. Every bottle is special."

Debra D.
Cupertino, CA

"Gotta love great selection, great customer service, timely delivery and lively community."

Rod M.
Auburn, WA

"This wine was EXCELLENT!! I used to own a wine shop and have an appreciation for good wine and this was definitely one of them. I like a nice smooth fruit forward wine and this was right on."

Melani V.
Eustis, FL

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