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We love getting world-class wines into your hands quickly and effectively! See our current expected delivery times below.

To relieve pressure from warehouses, these estimated shipping times are subject to change. Please check back regularly for updated information.

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We are still shipping and we'd love to get you wine — allowing for extra time for order and delivery, as demand is high.


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1-4 business days


Please email if you need further assistance. We'll respond to every single email - we promise. While it will take us a little extra time to get back to you, we guarantee to make everything right.

Most popular questions

How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order for any reason give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 US as soon as possible and we'll cancel it for you and give you your money back.

Note:  Many states have specific laws about the transfer and shipment of wine, so it isn't always possible to cancel the delivery. That warehouse team moves as fast as lightning! But we can still work something out. Just give us a ring or send an email to .

When will my wine be delivered?

Depending on your address, deliveries are on Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday during regular working hours and they'll require a signature from somebody over 21 years old.

See our  COVID-19 status page  for current shipping estimates. You should get an order confirmation email when you place your order, and a separate tracking email when we get your tracking info from the carrier. If you live very close to a warehouse, you may not receive the tracking email until after the first delivery attempt.

What happens if nobody's there to accept the delivery?

The shipper will attempt to deliver three times and then they turn into a pumpkin. Ok, not really. But almost. And we're as frustrated as you are when deliveries don't go smoothly. Some states will actually destroy your parcel if nobody's there to receive it 3 times in a row and wasting wine makes everybody angry.

If you're having delivery issues, the best way to sort it out is to call in at 1-800-673-4718 and we can figure out the best way to get you your wine.

What if I don't like a wine?

You get your money back. We only charge you for the wine you love, guaranteed. Just email us at  or call us at 1-800-673-4718 .

You can also go to your  Naked Me page  and give the wine a thumbs down. Once you do that, we know to steer you away from wines that taste similar and you can avoid other wines you might not enjoy.

And we'll also use this to figure out which winemakers are doing the best job at making wines our customers will love. It's a win-win!

How much does shipping cost?

In the mainland US, our shipping costs vary based on the total cost of your purchase and your delivery state. We aim to include the cost of shipping in larger shipments, but sometimes have to charge $9.99 to offset increasing order fulfillment costs. We will make clear before you make your purchase whether shipping is included or $9.99.

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii have fixed prices of $130 and $70 per package, respectively.

What is

We invest directly in winemakers. We don't invest in sales, marketing, fancy packaging and other things you can't taste. Which means you get more bang for your buck. People that help us invest get an even better deal. We call them  Angels.

What can do for me?

Get delicious wines made exclusively for you delivered to your door, and get an even better deal by becoming an Angel. You'll:

  • save up to 60% on all your orders,

  • get samples of wine included in your orders,

  • and be filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling as you bask in the gratitude of the winemakers you're helping.

If you become an Angel, you earn these benefits by investing $40 a month in your Naked piggy bank, yours to spend on any of our wines whenever you want.

How do I track and make changes to my delivery?

You can track your order and request changes to your delivery using the link we'll send you in your order confirmation email.

How can I access my account and update details (cards, addresses etc)?

You can also see a full break-down of transactions and how much you've spent  here .

How can I update or set a new password?

If you've forgotten your password, please click  here . If you're logged-in and you simply want to update it, visit your My Account page.

Can I get my money back if I don't enjoy the wines?

If you don't like a wine, or it's corked or damaged, then we'll give you a full refund. Just email us at or call us at 1-800-673-4718 and we'll sort it out for you.

What's your email address and how quickly will you respond?

Our email address is  and we'll aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours Monday through Friday.


Ordering, delivery and other basics.

How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order for any reason give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 as soon as possible and we'll cancel it for you and give you your money back.

Note:  Many states have specific laws about the transfer and shipment of wine, so it isn't always possible to cancel the delivery. That warehouse team moves as fast as lightning! But we can still work something out. Just give us a ring or send an email to

How do I order?

Look around a bit, pick from  our highest rated wines  or grab a  mixed 6-pack we've put together for new customers , and check out! Or if you're a techno-phobe, give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 and we'll place the order for you.


What do I do with this vouchers?

Redeem your voucher by  clicking here . If you have additional questions, there's a whole section of the FAQ especially devoted to your voucher.

Who are the angels mentioned all over this site?

Angels found a smarter way to buy wine.

Angels get:

  1. Exclusive and delicious wines made by award-winning winemakers

  2. Angel-only prices (up to 60% less than what you pay)

  3. A gift bottle of Angel-funded wine worth $19.99 or more each month that they order a case

  4. Access to Angel-only wines, Angel-only groups, and more

  5. Invites to Angel-only tastings to meet the winemakers

  6. An Angel-only priority hotline to help with anything at all

  7. A warm, fuzzy feeling from changing the lives of cool, indie winemakers

Angels get this by depositing $40 a month into their Naked piggy bank to spend on wine whenever they like.

* Your gift bottle is included in the price of your purchase. The discount attributable to the gift bottle is distributed evenly among all of the wines included in your purchase.

What happens to my money?

The genius here is that the money serves two purposes at once while it sits in your account, we can confidently invest in winemaking projects around the world. We hire the best winemakers and give them the resources to get the best fruit and the best equipment to make great wine.

And because we're confident that you'll use the money in your account to buy these delicious wines, we don't have to invest in sales, marketing and other stuff you can't taste.

Then you get to use your money to get these amazing handcrafted wines, and you get them at Angel-only prices up to 60% off because they wouldn't even exist without your support.

The whole thing is so positive, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Oh, if you ever change your mind, your money is still sitting there in your account and we can refund it in part or in full to your credit card. No problemo!

So how do I become an Angel?

You want to support indie winemakers directly and get exclusive access to their wines for less? Awesome! Sign up  here .

How do I cancel?

Canceling your Angel status is easy.

You can cancel at any time in the Angels Account tab of the My Account section of the website or just  click here.  Or call us at  1-800-673-4718 . Either way, we'll cancel your account and refund any unspent contributions you have made.

Is this a wine club?

If you're into wine, you probably know that "wine club" usually means you pay a subscription and the club (often a winery) sends regular shipments of wine. We aren't doing that.

Instead, Angels put money in their piggy bank (not a subscription; they can get it back at any time). And they can come and shop at the site with that money as often or as little as they want.

Most of our customers like this way better since they choose what wine they get and when they get it. But in the more general sense, we are a group of people who really enjoy wine. So if "wine club" just meant a club that likes wine, we'd be that.

Is this a flash sale site?

No, Angels save money all the time, not just for short slash sales with limited windows of opportunity. It's more than temporary discounts on wine. Angels actually make production less risky and less costly.

Flash sales are by definition temporary. On the other hand, the value Angels create last year after year. The way Angels crowd-fund wines means that the winemaker never wastes money on sales or marketing. So quality can go up and prices come down vintage after vintage.

The UK version of the website does have timed sales offers, but it's a pretty tiny part of what we do.

Can I find these wines at a store?

Probably not. Virtually all the wines on the site are Angel-funded and exclusively available here. But  our winemakers are all responsible for some of the famous wines  you will find at stores.

Angels crowd-fund these winemakers and promise to drink up all their wine, so the winemakers offer the wines exclusively through and many are reserved for the Angels.

Rating and Interacting

What do the percentage ratings mean next to each wine?

We ask customers a simple question: "Would you buy this wine again?"

We look specifically at customers who have already ordered a bottle of this vintage of the wine, and calculate the percentage of people who say they would buy the wine again.

If you hover your mouse cursor over the rating, you'll often see how past vintages were rated as well.

Note: if you try a wine as part of a curated case, we don’t count that rating toward this score - we use that rating internally to improve our case offerings, and your feedback will still be shared with the winemaker who has a chance to chat with you directly!

How do I know which wines are the most popular?

Millions of customers have reviewed and rated the wines on the site. There's a big rating next to each wine that shows the percentage of customers who ordered a bottle from that vintage and said they'd like to buy it again.

An improvement we made in March 2018 was to only include ratings from customers who chose to buy the wine, excluding customers who bought the wine as part of a mystery case or curated case. While we don’t count that rating toward this score - we use that rating internally to improve our case offerings, and your feedback will still be shared with the winemaker who has a chance to chat with you directly!

Angel Bottle

What's with this Angel Bottle?

Do you really give bottles to Angels?

Yep, we do! It's an exclusive reward for our  Angel customers  who are key members of the community and deserve every drop of those bottles.

Is the wine good?

The wine is delicious. We intentionally pick our best wines because we want to make the reward as good as possible and we want to get good feedback from our beloved Angels.

Are these normal-sized bottles?

Haha, yes, these are 750 ml bottles of delicious wine. We love how skeptical people are about this special treat. This really is a frequently asked question, and we're happy to say this is a real offer. One FULL-SIZED bottle of awesome wine included in your case each month that you order.

How do I get the bottle?

If you're an Angel, the bottle will appear in your  Naked Me  and you can add it to your basket from there.Just add 11 other bottles to your basket and checkout and you should have a gift bottle in that order.*

If you have trouble, don't hesitate to email .

* Your gift bottle is included in the price of your purchase. The discount attributable to the gift bottle is distributed evenly among all of the wines included in your purchase.

I added a case to my basket. Why won't it let me checkout?

Unfortunately, some areas won't let you order more than 12 bottles at a time. If you add a 12 bottle case to your basket that's 12+1 and it won't work. :(

If you have trouble picking out the wines and getting the order to work, just send us an email at or call 1-800-673-4718 .

When does the Angel bottle appear in my cart?

When the bottle appears varies month-to-month based on inventory availability, but if you get impatient you can always email  or give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 .

Keep an eye on your  Naked Me  page and your inbox to be sure you don't miss out.

What do I do if I can't find my Angel bottle?

Sometimes, the Angel bottle may be deleted from your basket. If you're entitled to an Angel bottle, you can find it again by visiting your  Naked Me.  You have a wall on your  Naked Me  page and you will see a post there with an 'add to basket' option for the Angel sample bottle. If you need any further assistance, give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718.

I became an Angel last month but didn't get an Angel bottle!

You may have gotten your wings after we sent out the Angel sample. Email or give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 and we'll sort it all out.


How do I shop on this site?

How do I pick wines to order?

You can find mixed cases under the cases tab or assemble your own case through the wines tab. You can also browse individual wines to build your own case. Sort those wines by the highest customer ratings, or filter them to only see red wines, white wines, or sweet wines.

Once you've tried a few wines, you should tell us whether you think you'd buy them again or not. This will let us customize the entire store to your tastebuds. If you keep telling us you dislike oaky Chardonnay, we can stop showing you oaky Chard. If you say you love a big inky Zin you tried, we'll show you other Zins or maybe a Petite Sirah. The more often you give feedback, the better we can customize the shop.

On the  Naked Me  tab, you'll find a lot of free tools:

  • Rate your wines, so we can recommend others you'll love (AND tell you what to avoid)

  • Find friends who are already drinking Naked

  • Personalized recommendations, alerts and invitations

  • Check to see what Naked Groups you participate in

  • Post a message to all your buddies (via your wall)

  • Access and edit your account

  • Update personal details like address details and card details

  • Change the amount you pay into your account every month

  • Connect to Facebook and Twitter

  • Update your email preferences

  • Your order history

  • Account balance and account history

  • And Angels will find special offers waiting for them on a monthly basis

How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order for any reason give us a ring on 1-800-673-4718 as soon as possible and we'll cancel it for you and give you your money back.

N.B.  Because we deliver very promptly and many states have specific laws about the transfer and shipment of wine, it isn't always possible to cancel the delivery. That warehouse team moves as fast as lightning! But you can refuse to accept the wines when they arrive (just tell the delivery person to return the wines to sender). We'll refund your money when the wine arrives back at the warehouse.

What can I do if I don't like the wine?

Reeefuuund! If you don't like a wine, or it's corked or damaged, then we'll give you a full refund. Email us at or call us at 1-800-673-4718 and we'll sort it out for you.


How do I talk to winemakers and other customers?

We like to see a lot of chatter on the website.

Unlike any other online wine retailer we know, you can:

  • Chat to other customers

  • Chat to the Naked team

  • AND chat to the winemakers themselves

We rely on feedback from customers so we can grow and improveso please don't be shy!

Our winemakers in particular love hearing what you think, so when they're working on new vintages, they know what our customers are looking for!

Here are a few ways you can interact once you're registered and logged in:

  • Say whether you liked your wine.

  • Get to know other Naked customers and the team by joining one of the Naked Chat Groups, OR create your own discussion group!

  • Chat to the winemakers on their personal profile pages (click on the 'Winemakers' tab to access them).

  • You can also 'buddy' up with other customers so you can share reviews etc. To do this, click on their name and you'll be given the option to 'follow' them. Every time they write a post, you'll then get an email alert to hear what they've got to say.

TOP TIP:  The BEST place to start is to join our Naked Novices group and introduce yourself!

You can also find us on  Facebook  and  Twitter


Can I make wine for you?

How do you pick winemakers?

We want talented winemakers who can make great wine without wasting time or money on marketing. Many of them come to us.

You can read more about  our winemakers' illustrious careers  at some of the world's best wineries and see that we really get the cream of the crop!

Why do winemakers work with Angel funding?

Since we finance everything and sell everything we finance, our winemakers don't have to worry about funding, marketing or sales. Zero risk and more time to concentrate on making great wine tend to be pretty convincing arguments.

How can I work with

Just drop us an email at We're looking for talented winemakers who have sussed out great opportunities to make wine and need help with the financing and sales. So tell us what you've done that makes you special, what opportunities you've found, and give us an idea of how we can help you.


What do I do with my voucher?

Redeem your voucher by clicking here

If you received a voucher from one of our partners, here is some additional information that might help you out.

What the heck is this voucher I received?

We know that trying a new wine can be a scary experience. And we need to earn your trust. So we try to make the first case as affordable as possible.

We'll also try to make the choice easy for you by recommending a case of wine. The recommended case has a good panoply of wines that represent the diversity and quality of our range. That said, if you want to build your own case, feel free to do that under the Wines tab of our website.

Note that the voucher you got should say exactly how much money you get off and it will probably have a minimum spend on there too. Like $50 off of a purchase of at least $200. If you build your own case, make sure that you hit the minimum spend amount or you won't be able to claim the voucher.

We cannot honor vouchers in AL, AR, DE, HI, IN, MI, MO, MS, NJ, RI, SD, TX & UT. We're very sorry and wish we could honor this deal but your state laws prevent us from doing so. Replacement offers are available in HI, MO & TX

For vouchers with delivery included, this does not apply for shipments to AK.

For full voucher Terms & Conditions, please click  here.

How many bottles do I need to order at one time?

You can order 6 or 12 bottles.

Look around a bit, pick from our highest rated wines or grab a mixed 6-pack we've put together for new customers, and check out! Or if you're a techno-phobe, give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 and we'll place the order for you.

Other places to look:

  • Check out our pre-mixed case recommendations.

  • Use the search box and type in your favorite grape variety, country or style of wine

  • Use the filters on our wines page to look at all red wines, all white wines, or all sweet wines.

If you're still not sure what to go for, just give us a ring at 1-800-673-4718 and speak with our Customer Happiness Team who will help you make a case that fits your taste buds.

Store / Serve Wine

How should I store/serve my wine?

Download our free app (for Angels). Everything you need to know about the wines in your order is on there, including the occasional video from a winemaker telling you about how they made the wine, why the wine is so tasty and what makes the wine special.

How long should I wait before opening the wine?

It really depends on the individual delivery. Sometimes the wine is fine the day of, but it usually pays to have a bit of patience. They have come a loooooooooonnng way and will look and taste better after a little nap. Old reds especially. If you can't wait to dive in, try something light and white.

How do I store my wine?

The best thing to do is find somewhere consistent. Avoid big swings in temperature, humidity, and light. If the bottle has a cork, try to lay it down so the cork stays a bit wet. And try to find somewhere dark, but that's less crucial.

There's nothing wrong with keeping bottles in the fridge (dark, stable temperature, stable humidity) but you'll want to take the wine out before drinking it to get to the right temperature (especially on reds and richer wines and higher alcohol wines).

If you could have a dream storage, there are lots of articles online about perfect storage conditions. You want a cellar that is pretty humid, cool (like 65 F), and dark. The cellar temperature slowly fluctuates over the year which is great as long as the fluctuation is sloooow (like as slow as the seasons change). And you want to lay the bottle down so it keeps the cork closure wet, but you ideally also want a bit of the air bubble in the bottle to touch the cork (so a sudden change in temperature/air pressure will push air through the cork rather than wine). So you know, if you ever decide to turn your neighbor's flat into a wine cellar, now you know exactly what you're aiming for.

What temperature should I serve my wines at?

Pop the whites into the bottom of the fridge for 30 minutes before you plan to drink them. Don't OVER-chill or you might lose flavor (unless it's really freaking hot. You do what you want.)

Reds should be closer to 65 degrees F. Some people say room temperature but that's dead wrong if you live in Florida and think room temperature is a balmy 80 degrees. Think room temperature in a nice restaurant where it's actually a bit chilly.

What should I serve with the wine?

The general rule here is food you like with wine you like and people you like sharing your wine with. There are a handful of combinations where that won't work but this rule works 98% of the time.

That said, if you really want some tips:

  • Some things kill wine so avoid: toothpaste enchiladas, chewing gum toffees, coca-cola souffle, artichokes in all forms and anything else that's really sweet or bitter.

  • Drink Italian wine with Italian food and French wine with rich French dishes - they've had thousands of years to get it right.

  • Serve wines in order of increasing weight - if you serve a big red before dinner, nobody will taste a thing afterward. Start gentle and go up from there. The exception to this if you really need to clean a palate is to go with a very crisp, refreshing wine like a sparkling white or an Albarino. The acidity (think citric acid, not battery acid) will cut clean through whatever you eating / drinking and refresh your palate.

  • Go ahead and serve red with meat and white with chicken / fish / salads. As you learn more about wine, you can get more daring and you'll learn that this rule is actually pretty limiting. But if you're just starting, the basics are perfectly fine.

What is with all the is twist off caps?

Many, many of our wines use twist off caps. These spoil wine much less than cork closures do. For wines that are meant to be consumed young (and most of our Angels do consume wine within a year of purchasing them) screw cap preserves the freshness and style that the winemaker wanted to present to you.

Mainstream middlemen in the US are scared of switching to screwcap because most wine drinkers haven't been exposed to it yet. They often force winemakers to use cork even though screwcap might be superior for a particular wine. Entire countries like Australia and New Zealand have switched to screwcap and think it's ridiculous that that they are forced to bottle their wines with corks just for the American market.

How long will these wine age?

Whites are generally ready to consume as soon as they're on the site, and the fresh, crisp whites should be consumed within a year. The richer, oakier whites or the very structured, mineral whites (if you don't know what that means, don't feel bad. Neither do I.) can generally age more than a few years.

You can generally hold the reds for at least 2 years and often much more. There should be aging recommendations on the individual wine pages - if that's missing feel free to ask the winemaker and we'll get it updated. But a good basic rule is that if we put a cork in it, you can hold onto it for a bit longer as its expected to age and we've traded off the consistency of screwcap for the aging potential of cork.

All this assumes you have a good place to store the wine. If the place you keep your wine regularly swings in temperature or under bright lights, you should probably not try to age the wine for decades.

But let's face it, you're going to drink 99% of this wine within a month of buying it. So dive in!

Never Miss Out

What is "Never Miss Out?"

"Never Miss Out" is your chance to automatically receive future releases of a wine — so you never miss out on another vintage. To join the reserve list for a particular wine, select the quantity of bottles you would like to receive on the wine's product page (you can choose from 6, 9, 12 or 15) and hit "Reserve." Clicking the "Reserve" button adds you to the Never Miss Out list for that particular wine. Signing up for the list is free — you'll settle up once the wine ships. Easy as that. A week or two before the wine is ready to ship, we'll email you — this is your final chance to change the quantity you'd like or cancel the shipment — and then we pop it in the mail. All you need to do is make room for wine… tough job!

Can I edit my Never Miss Out order?

Yes — at any time prior to shipment! Just email or call Customer Happiness Team at 1-800-673-4718 with your request.

How do I get added to the reserve list for a wine I like?

Head over to the wine's product page and look for the "Never Miss Out" header that appears on the right hand side of the screen. You can select from 6, 9, 12 or 15 bottles — that's the number of bottles you'll get every time a new vintage of that wine hits the site. Click "Reserve" and you're done!

When will I be charged for the wine?

You'll settle up for the cost of the wine (plus any applicable shipping and taxes) once the wine ships and it's on the way to your door. You'll get an email from us prior to shipment, so you'll know when to expect the charge.

What if I just want the current vintage?

Never Miss Out is an opportunity to reserve future releases. If you see a wine in stock and want to snag some right away, just add the number of bottles you'd like to your basket and check out.

Why do some wines have Never Miss Out as an option and others don’t?

Some wines are made in super-limited volumes — if that's the case, Never Miss Out won't be an option. We have to keep enough wine around to share!

Why can some customers reserve 15 bottles but others can’t?

We can ship 6, 9 or 12 bottles virtually anywhere. But only some states can take larger packs with 15 bottles in them. If you're not sure how many you can order, email us at .

What happens if a winemaker stops making a wine or skips a vintage?

If a wine changes or skips a vintage, we'll reach out to you beforehand to notify you of the change. Naturally, you won't be charged if this happens, and we may suggest a replacement!

What happens if you sell too many people Never Miss Out shipments of a wine?

We have a designated maximum amount of pre-orders we can take for any Never Miss Out wine — that way, we'll make sure there's still some available for on site purchases.