Meet the team

We're a happy bunch at HQ. We employ around 75 people and are based in the fine town of Napa with a winery in Sonoma Valley.

Here are a few of the team who you're likely to bump into around the website…


  • Da Boss!

  • Loves: Smell of freshly mown grass
  • Hates: Hayfever!
  • Favorite wine: The one I have in my hand right now!
  • Would most like to meet: Nelson Mandela


  • The IT guy

  • Loves: Fish & Chips and Texas Brisket. Not together. Oooh wait a minute
  • Hates: People who take themselves too seriously. And overcooked vegetables.
  • Favorite wine: DRG Barossa Shiraz
  • Would most like to meet: Friends. As often as possible.


  • Chief Wino

  • Loves: The long lunch
  • Hates: Being told we're out of espresso after the long lunch
  • Favorite wine: Barolo - the KING of wines!
  • Would most like to meet: Miles Davis & John Coltrane ... over lunch of course!


  • Leading Lady Winemaker

  • Loves: Good food, good wine and good friends
  • Hates: Running late, but I usually am
  • Favorite wine: Probably an Italian Montepulciano or Fino 'en Rama' Sherry
  • Would most like to meet: Amelia Earhart or Aretha Franklin


  • The Naked Narrator

  • Loves: Things I can eat or drink
  • Hates: Things I cannot eat or drink
  • Favorite wine: My family's Trah Lah Lah!
  • Would most like to meet: My grandpa - I bet he would've enjoyed his grandkid's wine


  • Marketing Director

  • Loves: Adventures, wine, beer, BBQ's, & fried chicken
  • Hates: Haters, spiders, lady luck (sometimes)
  • Favorite wine: Caught in the middle of a Rioja vs. Malbec cage fight
  • Would most like to meet: Kit Walker, Ziggy Stardust, Bruce Wayne


  • Operations Guru

  • Loves: The Dalmatian Coast
  • Hates: Pirates - Arghhhhh!
  • Favorite wine: JP Moulin's Champagne
  • Would most like to meet: The woman of my dreams


  • Customer Happiness Team Manager

  • Loves: Exploring
  • Hates: Horror films
  • Favorite wine: W. Donaldson Rose Sonoma County NV
  • Would most like to meet: Stevie Nicks

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