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An app tailored to your tastebuds

Scan and discover

Scan the label of the wine as you’re drinking it! Watch a video from the winemaker who made it and drop a review telling them what you think of the wine.

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Explore our full range of wines, winemakers and spirits. Build your next order, find a new favorite or give feedback on the wines you’ve tried.

Tailored to you

Create your wine profile to see wines you’ll love based on your taste buds. Everyone is different!

Chat to winemakers

The winemakers will answer your questions, talk about how a wine was made and always love to hear feedback on their wines.

An app tailored to your tastebuds

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Create your profile to get better recommendations

Each wine is in one of ten styles based on taste. Your wine profile tells you which styles you love, like and dislike. Plus, every time you rate, your wine profile evolves and gets better at recommending the right wines for you.

Keep track of your orders and subscriptions

Explore the wines you’ve bought, reorder your favorites or wines you’ve been wanting to try on your wishlist and easily update your account details such as addresses, cards, and password.

Chat with your winemakers and other Angels

The community is always on hand to answer questions, give recommendations and reviews of their favorite wines. Get involved!

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