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Daniel Baron



From Petrus to Silver Oak - he's a Napa legend with the Bordeaux touch

    • Daniel Baron is a wine world icon, full of more anecdotes than wine vintages – of which, he’s contributed to 50 – including an iconic year at Petrus and pioneering roles at Dominus Estate, Silver Oak & Twomey.
    • Working for Angels, “I can gather many threads from the warp and woof of my life fabric – and pay homage to the many mentors who have informed my passion for winemaking over these decades,” Daniel says.
    • His debut Napa Valley Cabernet for Angels is set to release in Fall 2021. “It is a dream come true for me to bring 50 years of winemaking into one bottle, and offer it to you."

    Listen to Daniel’s lifetime of winemaking stories on his podcast, The Winemaker’s Journey featuring interviews with fellow winemakers and friends in the Napa Valley.

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