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8-time winemaker of the year, the man who made $800 Penfolds Grange

    • "Groom made Penfolds' flagship red, Grange Hermitage, which has become Australia's most collectible wine." --Wine Spectator, on the $500+ Grange
    •  "Groom is my choice for Winemaker of the Year " -- LA Times, Dan Berger
    •  "Daryl Groom. The human Tornado. " -- Bill Rice, Chicago Tribune

Map of the Vineyard

Daryl Groom's Story

Daryl has been a winemaker for 35 years... with some of his wines even served at the Oscars and Emmys two years in a row!

With experience in wineries such as Krondorf in the Barossa, Saltram, Peter Lehman, Kaiser Stuhl and finally working with penfolds between 1982 - 1989. His 1986 Penfolds Grange was arguably one of the top 3 Granges ever made.

Daryl only makes wines that he personally loves to drink and loves to make... his Aussie wines come from his own vineyards, planted by his and his sister in laws family - so you could say Daryl has full control over the whole process!

Daryl LOVES making (and drinking) Shiraz... It's silky, sexy and simply delicious he says. Daryl loves the personality of all the different styles and thinks Shiraz offers the greatest value of all red wines. Daryl loves to make wine and he loves people drinking his wine.

Naked Angels allow Daryl the financing to put best resources into making quality wine. He can select the best barrels he needs and farm to the best quality.

"Naked is a gift from god to a winemaker, I knew there were angels in heaven!"

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I'm 57, have five lovely children from a wife that is lovelier still and it finally struck me that I need to slow down and start appreciating more of this beautiful world that God made and the beautiful people in it.<br /><br />That obviously, of course, brings me to wine. :)

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Wine has become a hobby for me. I enjoy trying new wines and am constantly learning. A perfect night for me is sitting home with family, enjoying a nice dinner, a game of cards, and few bottles of good wine!