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The expert behind the most famous sparkling in America

    • If it's famous and fizzy, chances are – Penelope's the talent behind it.  As Director of Winemaking for the top sparkling production company in CA, she’s made hundreds of iconic bubbles over the years!

    • Discretion is key here – when you work with prestigious sparkling houses like she does, you keep the name dropping to a minimum. But it's fair to say her talent has influenced the famous sparkling you know and love.

    • With 30+ years of winemaking under her belt, Penelope is an expert at making those wines to spec. But thanks to you and her friends at Breathless (a female-led Healdsburg winery) she’s making exclusive sparkling of her very own. For the very first time!


Penelope's Story

Avid motorcyclist. Fly fisherman. 90-point sparkling winemaker. Penelope Gadd-Coster is a woman of many talents – in fields where women are few.

In fact, it was her determination to challenge the expected that led her to the cellar of Jordan Vineyards and Winery 30+ years ago, when she volunteered to work a grape harvest.

The determination stuck. Penelope went on to become Jordan’s lead sparkling winemaker, and later, Director of Winemaking for Rack & Riddle – the California sparkling facility that produces the likes of the most famous bubbly in America.

If it's famous, Californian, and sparkling, chances are – Penny's the talent behind it. 

“I’ve never done what’s expected of me,” said Penelope. “I’ve just done what I love.”

And now with the support of Angels and help from her team at Breathless – a female-led, 90-point Healdsburg winery – Penelope is going off script to make exclusive sparkling of her very own.

“This is really the first time I can make my own wines with my own style – not one that was already determined by a winery,” Penelope said.

 "It may be a bit hokey," she explained, "but I do believe that wines have a soul that comes from the winemaker and that 'soul' shows in every bottle.”

By funding her upcoming Sonoma and North Coast wine projects, the customers of, aka, "Angels," are helping her share that soul with the world.

"Breathless by Penelope" – a collection of Angel-exclusive sparkling wines  – is dedicated to the women who shaped her.


"They followed their own muses even when it took them down paths normally reserved for men," Penelope said.

Lead the way, Penelope.

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Charlotte Williams
1,397 Posts • 1,328 Likes • 182 Followers

I learned to love wine in 2003, from my wine-loving in-laws in Germany. My favorite wine ever is Grauburgunder from my homeland. I mostly drink dry "interesting" whites and bold reds. I love indigenous grapes from less-common wine regions. I love visiting wineries in my wine-producing state. I also love champagne and cava and don't just think they're for special occasions or brunch.

Chris Henderson
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I am a computer geek working for a large consumer products company. I have always liked wine to a certain extent since I was old enough to drink it (or my parents would let me try it). However, I was seriously bit by the wine bug a number of years ago and began trying everything! I now have a cellar with over 200 bottles (and really shouldn't according to my wife, as I am the only one in the house that likes wine). Of course, it means I need to have more people over to share it with :). Bas vers le haut!

Laura Wing
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