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UK drug-squad cop turned award-winning Californian winemaker!

    • Award winning English winemaker producing a great range of California wines just for Naked Angels! Robin brings experience from working at top producers including Patz & Hall Wine Co, Calera Wine Co, Vignobles Andre Lurton, Oyster Bay, and many more.
    • He's the only winemaker in the world who used to be a cop on the Drug Squad in South London, and he's ready to use his sleuthing skills to find the best grapes in California.
    • Robin's work with the Angels has impressed us time and time again, and we're very excited to launch his own personal brand of super premium wines at everyday prices.

Robin Langton's Story

Robin has worked for some great producers in France, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. He's crazy about wine and is studying to become a Master of Wine and a Master Sommelier! He left the UK ten years ago and has spent the last decade becoming an expert in all things vinous. Robin lives in the Russian River Valley with his wife and daughter. His knowledge of California's vineyards allows him to source some great fruit and craft marvelous wines for Naked Angels.

“I left the UK in 2001 and worked my first vintage at Calera Wine Co in the Central Coast. Harvest was amazing; I loved the transformation of fruit to wine, part art & part science. Calera was a pioneer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in America and a terrific experience.

After qualifying as a Winemaker & Viticulturist in New Zealand, I worked around the world studying and making wine with some of the best producers in the wine Industry. From the Hunter Valley in Australia to the South of France and Bordeaux – I refined and extended my knowledge and ability to make a wide range of terrific wine. I moved to California to live in 2007 after falling in love with my wife in a wine bar in Bordeaux on a cold winter's night! She was on a wine buying trip, sourcing wine for a US distributor – I was just finishing vintage. We spent the night and the small hours drinking vintage Champagne – what could I do but move to the USA! The great thing about is the opportunity to produce brilliant wine at a range of prices. From entry level quaffers to single vineyard unique wines – across the styles I try my utmost to bring real value for money and bang for the buck! I'd love your feedback and comments on my wine! And your desires for wine you'd like me to make! I want you to love every glass!”

– All the best Robin.

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