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Scott's Wines

He made Rubicon for Francis Ford Coppola ($200+ a bottle)

    • When Scott Mcleod said he would make a wine exclusively with Angel funding, everybody in Napa was talking. This guy is seriously famous – after all, he was at the helm of Francis Ford Coppola's flagship Rubicon wine and helped create one of the Valley's most iconic wines.
    • And he's incredibly passionate. Scott's actually got his own vineyard now in a beautiful region that he thinks could be more famous than Napa one day.
    • And Angels are funding him to make beautiful wines. Besides working for famous directors like Coppola and George Lucas, Scott is just an incredibly talented and passionate winemaker. You're going to love everything he does.

Scott McLeod's Story

  • "Winemaker of the year" -- The Wine Enthusiast
  • "Presiding over one of Napa Valley's greatest and most glamorous wines." -- Steve Heimoff
  • "Scott's love of the land...his ability...and his work–all have raised the bar. Scott is a vital part of the heritage of the estate." --Francis Ford Coppola

I joined because it is an opportunity to make great wines from great vineyard sources and connect with customers on a personal level. is a new and bold business strategy combining old-world winemaking fundamentals (such as great sites, fully ripe grapes, traditional winemaking) with  new-world connectivity (communication, social media, and fulfillment).  It's very exciting to be part of the new luxury bond offering and we plan on delivering on our promise to make great wines at great prices.  

It's a virtual  'farmer's market' of winemakers providing great wine to those that love great wine.  You meet the people who make the product and we meet the people that enjoy the product.   

I met a fourth-generation Zinfandel grower who told me that his grandfather would say, "the best vineyards have the most footprints."  Footprints, to him, were the sign that a grower was spending time in the field. allows us, the Winemakers, to keep our focus on the wines and leave our footprints in the cellar, and not in airports.  

I believe that wine bottles should be round and great wines come from low yielding vineyards and are made with traditional techniques so that the wine represents its origin.  But beyond that, it's a brave new world out there. is combining the best of old-world winemaking with the connectivity of the modern, wired consumer.       

Scott's Archangels

Archangels are our most interactive customers. They know our wines inside out and help us discover new wines for the site!