Ana Diogo-Draper Cabernet Sauvignon Pine Mountain Vineyard-Cloverdale Peak 2016

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by Ana Diogo-Draper

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    • When you make beautiful single-vineyard Cab as luxurious as Ana's, every detail is special - from the vineyard soil to the custom artwork on the label.
    • Ana sourced this special treat from a tiny high-elevation vineyard in Pine Mountain region of Cloverdale. It's a cool region with southern sun exposure that gives grapes bold color and flavor.
    • Now you have an intensely ripe mountain Cabernet, individually numbered by Ana and made to cherish for years to come! 

Aging advice
This is a bold, big Cabernet Sauvignon. Therefore, if you choose to drink it right away, please be sure to decant the wine, in order to let it "breathe" properly. It will bring out all the wonderful dark fruit aromas, and smooth the bold tannins. If the Angels are patient (or can put a few bottles aside), this wine will age beautifully for the next 5 - 8 years.

Serving advice
This is a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Therefore, please be sure to open your bottle at least 1 hour before enjoying it. I advice the Angles to pour a glass, when they open the bottle, and to smell it and taste it as it sits on the glass. It is fascinating to see how the wine opens up, how the beautiful dark fruit really comes through, and the tannin profile gets smoother.

Local food match
For me, a big and young Cabernet Sauvignon "screams" for a well-marbled steak – my favorite is a rib eye. It will also go great with a nice roast of beef or lamb. If you're looking for a vegetarian pairing, I would go with a wild mushroom risotto, or a rich pasta dish, with vegetables and a gorgonzola sauce.