David Marchesi Sierra Foothills Proprietary Red 2016

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by David Marchesi

of 3,629
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of 3,629
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85% of 3,629

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Cab blends are David's speciality - don't miss this limited release!

    • David Marchesi is world-famous for decadent blends. Mark our words –  his handcrafted red from the Sierra Foothills is your best-seller in the making.
    • Every sip is wild and bold, yet silky smooth - credit David’s expert blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet and Syrah for making your red complex and effortless all in one. It’s the work of a master, given total freedom to make the wine he loves.
    • David is a Wine Country superstar whose wines sell for $80, $90, even $100 bucks. You're getting an incredible deal on a world-class wine, all because you made it possible! 

Aging advice
This wine will drink well upon release, but will benefit from 3 to 6 months of ageing.

Serving advice
Open this wine 30 minutes before enjoying.

Local food match
This versatile wine will pair nicely with just about anything off of the grill or a nice pasta dish.