DRG Daryl Groom Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2017

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by Daryl Groom

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Luxurious Sonoma Chardonnay that's bound to top the charts

    • Wow, talk about a knockout wine... this is decadent Chardonnay, full of creamy layers and a scintillating finish so crisp and precise it deserves a slow clap.
    • Daryl, your Angel-funded winemaker, says: "This is a special blend from three different Russian River vineyards. One vineyard gives me intense, full-bodied, deeply golden fruit. The other two are leaner... with flavors like citrus and apple."
    • Daryl added extra polish to this balanced white by aging your world-class white in French Oak. Russian River Valley Chardonnays like this sell for triple the price! But for the Angels who make it all possible? An absolute bargain. 
    • Last year's vintage won a prestigious Gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Snooze and you might lose the chance to sip in a wine that's got a track record of nailing the competition!

USA (Russian River Valley (Sonoma County))


Rich White

14.40% Alc



Aging advice
This wine will age well for 5 years, but I love this wine as a youngster when the fruit and other aromas are quite vivid so please enjoy now.

Serving advice
Serve chilled and open right before serving.

Local food match
Salads, seafood or white meats. Yummy also with cheese!