Jacqueline Bahue Cabernet Franc Sonoma Valley 2015

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by Jacqueline Bahue

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Gorgeous and decadent Sonoma Cab Franc

    • Pure Sonoma Cabernet Franc! It doesn't get more dry, bold and delicious. Jacqueline's is a very special wine.
    • This fruit is picked just 5 minutes up the road from your Angel-funded winery, on a western Sonoma hillside that glistens with ample sun. Jacqueline says it's her favorite fruit – decadent, inviting... it tastes the way a summer afternoon in Wine Country feels. 
    • Her Sonoma Valley bottling is a tiny batch... and it will vanish pronto. Don't miss out on tasting an interesting grape from an exceptional vintage!

Aging advice
You can drink it now, but if you let it age for 3-5 years the wine will be much more opulent and expressive.

Serving advice
Let decant for at least 45 minutes. If this is not possible, take your time with the wine.

Local food match
This wine will pair beautifully with a nice Porterhouse and roasted veggies.