Miriam Alexandra Chenin Blanc California 2016

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by Alexandra Farber

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F. Stephen Millier Black Label Viognier 2017

This Chenin wouldn't exist if you hadn't supported a talented young upstart winemaker

    • Pure, refreshing Chenin Blanc that tastes like you're chomping on some ripe tropical fruit and a juicy green apple – this is the whirlwind of fruit and zippiness that Alex always wanted to make.
    • As a fledgling winemaker at a fancy Napa winery, Alex never got to make her dream wine. She needed Angel-backing to be able to make this great white on her own.
    • It pays to have a Chenin with some serious bite sitting in the fridge. It's a clean white that pairs with almost everything and drinks great on its own, too, so you'll want to fill to the gills while it's in stock.
    • It's not just Angels who've dropped a few jaws over this Chenin – it was also a Silver medal winner at the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition!

Aging advice
Let it sit a few days post shipment, then drink now!

Serving advice
Open a chilled bottle and pour straight into your glass.

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Oysters! Spicy food, any of the recommended pairings in the comments ( I love reading your suggestions!)