Melnik by Rumyana Red Wine 2015

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by Rumi Stoilova

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85% of 340

Welcome to a whole new world of wine - you've never had a red like this!

    • After winning $100,000 in your Winemaker Fantasy contest, a promising young European winemaker – Rumi Stoilova – got the chance to make an incredibly rare red for Angels.  Melnik is only grown in one special region in the heart of Bulgaria. Now it's yours!
    • Rumi wanted to give Angels a truly authentic, 100% traditional blend, so she harvested the fruit from her winery, Villa Melnik, and sourced local Bulgarian oak barrels to make sure every drop of this red is true to its roots.
    • So how wonderful does it taste, exactly? Think of a light and elegant Pinot Noir with a warm spice finish, and rich and smooth fruit. This red is delightful and enchanting. Get your hands on a bottle - thank us later!

    This video won Rumi $100,000 - and the chance to make this Angel-funded Melnik!

Aging advice
5-6 years

Serving advice
Serve at 60 F. Share with friends!

Local food match
Beef, pork, feta cheese... Bulgarian food has lots of tomatoes, feta cheese, meats, and eggplants. Any combination of these pairs wonderfully with Melnik.