W. Donaldson Rose 2015

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by Wayne Donaldson

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W. Donaldson Sonoma Rose 2016

Award-winning rosé from one of the top sparkling winemakers on Earth

    • This is a robust yet elegant sparkling rosé (a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay) harvested from premium cold climate vineyards in Sonoma Valley.
    • You're getting the good stuff aged for TWO YEARS from one of the best sparkling winemakers on earth (former head winemaker for Chandon!) for less than $20.
    • ...did we mention it's got a track record of slaying the competition? Last year's vintage won Double Gold at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition. Snooze and you might lose your chance to taste a prizewinning bubbly YOU make possible!

USA (Sonoma Coast )

Pinot noir Blend


12.50% Alc


Aging advice
None. This wine has already aged for 2 years and is ready to drink!

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Enjoy with friends and celebrate.

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