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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try F. Stephen Millier Black Label Red Blend Calaveras County 2016

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Shiraz Lodi 2016

Your most popular winemaker

    • Stephen is no stranger to gold medals, but usually his prestigious employers are the only ones in the limelight.
    • We offered Stephen some Angel funding to set aside some of his favorites wines and vineyards to make a special range with his name on the label just for us, and he jumped at the opportunity.
    • If you like underdogs, Stephen's your man. He will find the over-looked and under-appreciated and he will take precious care to make sure they grow into big, beautiful wines that deserve more attention.

Map of the Vineyard

Stephen Millier's Story

"I have been a winemaker for 37 years and counting!

At college I became intrigued by the craftsmanship aspects of winemaking.  Knowing that we have 30 or 40 chances in a lifetime to try and get it right.  Understanding that we can only control a few aspects of our wines while the rest are given to us new each year.

I love starting fresh with every harvest with new grapes, new wine and new hope.  That is a shared feeling between myself and the different grape growers that I make wine from their grapes.

I really try to make each wine an accurate reflection of what was special with the vineyards that year! Really I try to make honest wines that are easy to appreciate while maintaining varietal integrity for the region they originate from.  They are drinking  friendly.

I’m hoping you really enjoy the wines I have created just for Naked Angels, it has been a fantastic opportunity to create something of my very own and I am proud to share it with you!

I am very interested in getting some feedback on the wines, so don’t be shy! Come back and tell me what you think so I can start working on the new vintage with a better idea of what you all like."

Stephen's Archangels

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Larry Reilley-Naked in PA & NJ
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"Life is too short to drink cheap wine"

Kathleen M. Mason
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Brian Piersel
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Todd Wilber -- Naked in My Shower
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Angel since January 2013<br />ArchAngel since ca. February 2013<br />Love Conquers Hate.

Gerry Gollwitzer Naked in NC formerly WI
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Greg Golden
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Theresa Johnson
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Tracy Davis
1,623 Posts • 1,059 Likes • 150 Followers

I live in Southern Oregon wine country with my husband and two cats. We found Naked Wines through my sister-in-law who has been telling me about the "club" for months. We're looking forward to getting our first 1/2 case and checking out the wines. We are into bold and complex reds - Zin, Syrah, Tempranillo and Malbec.

James Pappa
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Live each day as if it were your last and enhance every dinner with a glass of wine. Cheers!

Evan Johnsen - Naked in MN
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veni vidi vino

Kristin Oehlke
2,050 Posts • 1,532 Likes • 127 Followers

I love great wine (isn't life too short for anything less?) and the people who both make and appreciate it. Turns out that an appreciation of great wine is also a very good predictor of marvelous people, as well! Finding was like coming home to a place I didn't even know could exist. So, relax, sip some vino, stay a while and enjoy!

Chris Henderson
2,666 Posts • 2,023 Likes • 180 Followers

I am a computer geek working for a large consumer products company. I have always liked wine to a certain extent since I was old enough to drink it (or my parents would let me try it). However, I was seriously bit by the wine bug a number of years ago and began trying everything! I now have a cellar with over 200 bottles (and really shouldn't according to my wife, as I am the only one in the house that likes wine). Of course, it means I need to have more people over to share it with :). Bas vers le haut!

Carol Lynn Coronios - Naked in NY
11,186 Posts • 4,192 Likes • 240 Followers

It's amazing how your tastebuds mature! I've gone from Boone's Farm to the best there is here at Naked Wines - all in less than 5 decades! <br /><br />During that time period, I've been a professional rider & trainer, an English/Social Studies teacher, a travel agent, a coordinator for a national business barter organization, a support staff and a trainer for a NYS government agency - and the owner of an equine video & photo company. I've lived/worked in NY, KY, TX, SC, OR - and back to NY.<br /><br /I've also started two groups: <br />1. Northeast State of Wine, so we in this area can share the fun! Please come join in - our wineries create deliciousness from grapes, apples, pears, name it! - and<br />2. Sharing Made Easy - LINKS.. - where wine-related info, either links or copied & pasted info (with credit, if appropriate) can be shared. This is to help others find info that is frequently discussed - until our techies (or NW corp) set up an efficient Search feature. No comments - just links/info.

Nigel Cundy - Naked in WA
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Sarah Stull
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Transplant to Florida here. Newly minted pharmacist, wine enthusiast, photographer, and traveler. I LOVE the Naked Wines experience- getting the opportunity to try wonderful new wines on a regular basis is so exciting and enlightening!

Mr Michael Sarna-Naked in Nashville
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