David Akiyoshi Reserve Chardonnay Clarksburg 2014

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by David Akiyoshi

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92% of 1,375

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Proof that Lodi is one of America's great wine regions, capable of rich, luxury wines.

    • David Akiyoshi tastes fruit from over 8,000 acres of Chardonnay every year and is the preemminent expert on Clarksburg Chardonnay.  
    • One of the oldest Chardonnay vineyards in the region was on the verge of being ripped out of the ground and destroyed because it didn't produce as much fruit as surrounding plots, but Angels rescued these vines and gave David the funding to focus on quality before quantity.
    • Then David did everything to make this wine a richly textured, top shelf Chardonnay. There's just a little bit of this Reserve wine produced as it takes an extra year to age, but the wait was worth it!

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