F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Chardonnay Lodi 2016

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by Stephen Millier

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of 2,669
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Bright and beautiful single-vineyard Chardonnay from Lodi

    • Bright, crisp Chardonnay with the slightest touch of oak and juicy citrus fruit. This is your perfect sipping Chard.
    • The success of Steve's Viognier proved he could make killer crisp whites from the heart of Lodi, California. So Angels gave him the funding to make Chard from a gorgeous single-vineyard estate.
    • Fresh caught salmon sizzling on an open grill, a twist of lemon and this Chardonnay – life's simple pleasures!

Aging advice
While this wine should reward modest cellaring it is meant to be enjoyed this spring through summer and fall. Just in time for the next vintage.

Serving advice
This wine should be good from the first sip on. No need to wait giving it air.

Local food match
Fresh caught California salmon filets smoked over a wood fired grill is hard to beat.

Map of the Vineyard