F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve White Blend Lodi 2016

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by Stephen Millier

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Like diving head first into a giant ripe peach - this blend is soooo juicy!

    • Stephen's been itching to make you a white blend... and your funding made it happen. White blends are a sort of new category, so once again, you're way ahead of the curve!
    • Boy oh boy, this blend is fruity. There's insane amounts of peach and ripe apricot flavors inside thanks Stephen's Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Chard, Viognier and Symphony grapes – the perfect recipe for a rich, sweet treat. 
    • Make sure you serve this white slightly chilled, not frozen. Chow down on crunchy fish tacos topped with juicy mango salsa while you sip. Heaven.

Aging advice
This white blend is meant to be enjoyed young. So order a few bottles to open whenever friends stop by.

Serving advice
Make sure the wine is slightly chilled before opening. Chilled but not frozen.

Local food match
Right now I'm thinking about some citrus marinade grilled shrimp with a fresh mango salsa.