F. Stephen Millier Black Label Red Angel Red Blend Calaveras County 2014

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by Stephen Millier

of 3,460
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of 3,460
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A new vintage of Stephen’s show-stopping single estate red from Calveras County

    • This best selling Black Label wine from Stephen is back and it’s tasting BIGGER and better than ever.
    • The fruit comes from a special vineyard at 2400 feet above sea level in the Sierra Foothills. So you've got an extra long growing season that lets the fruit reach a perfectly balanced ripeness.
    • Stephen swears this wine is best enjoyed with a hefty rib steak grilled over coals.

Aging advice
This wine will improve for the next several years. If you can wait that long.

Serving advice
I'd open the bottle and let it breath for about 45 minutes before serving. As the bottle ages the wait time can be shortened.

Local food match
I support serving this wine with a 1.5-2.0" rib steak, grilled to perfection. Make sure to let it warm to room temperature before putting it on the coals. Or over them if you don't have enough courage.