Karen Birmingham Rose Lodi 2016

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by Karen Birmingham

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Karen Birmingham Sangiovese Rose Lodi 2017

Perfectly balanced Rosé - like sippin' on wild strawberries

    • Sangiovese makes fabulous Rosé, especially when it's grown in Lodi. It's the perfect climate for those hot-weather-loving grapes.

    • You get a flood of vanilla and strawberry flavors from this one. It’s got a perfectly balanced sweetness and a dry lip-smacking finish.

    • This is your go-to summertime Rosé. The one you keep a stock of parked in your fridge, ready for when the temperatures start to pop.

Aging advice
This wine is not intended to be aged. Enjoy this wine over the next 2 years.

Serving advice
Chill, open and enjoy. This wine tastes best chilled. Keep in the refrigerator, open a glass, pour and enjoy. It tastes even better as the glass starts to warm up a little to a nice 55F.

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