• Keith quit his job at Schramsberg, America’s top sparkling winery, to make a show-stopping Prosecco-style wine right here in California. And it’s incredible!

  • Keith even put this Italian-inspired wine through traditional sparkling fermentations - to ensure every drop is refined and refreshing! It fills your mouth with crisp, clean, melony flavors and slips down suuuper easy.

  • It's great to drink alongside fragrant Thai food, with the power to stand up to a little spiciness, too. A glass of these bubbles and hot stir-fried rice noodles is the perfect summer treat!

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
12-18 months

Serving advice
Chill, untwist wire hood, hold cork and wire hood in one hand and slowly twist the bottle with the other hand until the cork releases.

Local food match
I currently like this wine with, Asian foods, especially sushi.