Richard Bruno Clarksburg Chenin Blanc 2015

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by Richard Bruno

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86% of 3,528

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Richard Bruno Clarksburg Chenin Blanc 2017

The best Chenin Blanc in the USA comes from Clarksburg

    • Clean, crisp, dry and tangy—think fresh-cut apples with a whiff of honey. It drives Richard crazy that Clarksburg Chenin isn't as famous as Chardonnay.
    • So Angels gave him the money to make the perfect Chenin. He harvests the fruit at night so the grapes get delivered to the winery cold and fresh, and they're hand sorted over long conveyor belts so that only the purest, brightest fruit gets in.
    • This is a perfect Emergency White - keep 1 in the fridge at all times because it's ultra-refreshing and very versatile.

Aging advice
The wine will age for 3-5 years, but the high acidity is best preserved and enjoyed within 2 years of release.

Serving advice
Open one and put another in the refrigerator.

Local food match
This wine is really nice with coriander crusted salmon over a vietnamese rice noodle salad with mango, avocado, cilantro and fresh lime juice.