S & A Verdelho Lodi 2015

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by Ana Diogo-Draper

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Refreshing zest-fest!!!

    • Brilliantly refreshing, this wine is like pure sparkling sunshine in a glass!
    • Sarah and Ana love working with Portuguese grape varieties (like their S&A Portuguese-styled red) and so Angels gave them the funds to make a 100% Verdelho. 
    • This is a light, zesty, crisp white that's a perfect pairing with absolutely any food improved by a twist of lemon.

Aging advice
Drink now!

Serving advice
Serve chilled- but not too cold. Otherwise, you'll miss out the intoxicatingly beautiful aromatics!! Store our Verdelho in a regular or wine fridge, pull out and let sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes before consuming.

Local food match
Would pair well with Thai food, as well as seafood pasta. We love hearing what creative dishes you Angels come up with too!