Ana Diogo-Draper Amador Touriga 2015

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by Ana Diogo-Draper

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Ana Diogo-Draper Amador Touriga 2017

Portuguese red that starts with a T and ends with an "ahhhhh...."

    • Ana's been dying to make classic Portuguese wines in the States for years! Touriga's pretty rare in California, but...
    • With your help, she found the perfect fruit outside of Amador, surrounded by several lakes and fine, sandy soils – perfect for this coast-loving red grape.
    • Full of lush flavor and luxurious intensity, this medium-bodied red is smooth and well-rounded, blushing with ripe fruit and rich chocolate.
    • This Touriga is actually part of a trio of Portuguese reds Ana's made from Amador County. Check out her exclusive Tempranillo and Touriga-Tempranillo blend too!

USA (Amador County)

Touriga Nacional

Big Red

13.50% Alc


Aging advice
Due to the fact that this wine presents an immense tannin profile, rich in color, and with great acidity, it will age in your cellar over a long period of time. I'd dare to say, 5 to 8 years!

Serving advice
Yes, please be sure to open it at least one hour before planning on drinking it, so all the flavors can fully emerge, as well as to soften those powerful tannins. Ideally this wine will be decanted, so that all its unique aromas can fully be experienced.

Local food match
A rich cheese, as a Stilton/Blue... This is a match made in heaven! Any Italian dish, with a rich tomato sauce, will be brilliant with this wine. But it's gotta be the real deal tomato sauce!!