Cordero Langhe DOC Arneis 2014

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by Gianfranco & Serena Cordero

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Stefano di Blasi tre Venezie Bianco 2017

The Arneis grape was almost extinct but Angels are bringing it back into the spotlight!

    • Bright and full-bodied, the Cordero Arneis can change the way you look at white wine forever.
    • Nobody's ever heard of Arneis, a grape variety that almost went extinct in the 1970s when only one family continued growing it, so it's incredibly good value because it's still virtually unknown (only 1840 acres were planted according to the 2000 Italian census).
    • Piping hot seafood pasta or even a chicken linguine just scream for a big white like the Arneis!

Aging advice
2 years (til 2018)

Serving advice
open it when cold.

Local food match
carne cruda, vitello tonnato, formaggi pasta dura affinati.