La Tapatia Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2014

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by Dalia Ceja & Everardo Robledo

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Jacqueline Bahue Lodi Cabernet Franc 2017

The perfect Sonoma Coast Pinot

    • Balanced and beautiful Pinot Noir with vibrant plum and black cherry aromas jumping out of the glass to greet you. 
    • Dalia wanted to strike out on her own after being raised in one of Napa's most promising winemaking dynasties. Angel funding let her do just that. You set her up with a winery, the best Pinot money can buy, oak barrels, and the mentorship of other winemakers like Jacqueline Bahue.
    • And now thanks to your funding, you can enjoy this amazing Pinot that's gotten every care imaginable, hand harvested into small open-top fermenters where the fruit was kept cold for a day or so before fermenting and getting gentle punch downs. Primo Pinot!

Aging advice
Laying down the wine for 1-3 years will allow it to open up beautifully.

Serving advice
Open 15 minutes before serving. During the hot summer months I personally like to chill the Pinot Noir in the fridge 15 minutes before serving. I dislike the temperature of red wine being served a little too warm.

Local food match
My favorite food and La Tapatia Pinot Noir pairings include a salmon ceviche, grilled pork chops, carnitas tacos, braised short ribs and a medley of roasted root vegetables - YUM!