Your Angel Benefits

As an Angel, you are part of an incredible community — where the world's best winemakers are empowered to make their best wines, just for you.

Here's a reminder of all the things you get for pre-paying $40/month towards your next order.

Why do we ask for $40/month?

By making this small commitment upfront, it means we can make big commitments to winemakers.

With over 300,000 Angels across the US, we provide funds to winemakers when they need them most… like paying a grower for grapes, committing to a lease on a vineyard, or buying new oak barrels.

It means the wine costs less to make and the winemaker can focus on the important things - like making the wine taste great!

Are you obligated to stay an Angel?

Absolutely not — you can cancel at any time if you change your mind. We make it easy to leave but the winemakers make the wine taste so good that you'll never want to!

Benefits Non-Angels Angels

Wine prices

Market price
(0% off)

Angel price
(up to 60% off)

Includes shipping! (on orders of $200 or more)

Monthly gift bottle when you order

Exclusive access to premium wines

Online tastings with winemakers

Free mobile app access

Gift bottle upgrade on your birthday

Exclusive partner offers

Kudos for helping make the wine industry a better place

Get closer to the winemaker. Only pay for the wine

Naked wines sell you wine direct from the winemaker and cut out the traditional extra steps of going via a National Sales Manager, Regional Distributer and Retail Buyer

Our promise to you

  1. 1 You, the wine drinker and independent winemakers are our top priority

  2. 2 We stand by every wine – and you can too

  3. 3 You will always pay the fairest price

Together, we’ll make the world’s best wines possible

No commitments

100% Hassle-free Guarantee

No membership fees