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Don't go too cheap — you won't get much wine for your money

Spend too little on a bottle of wine, and you're basically stuck with the cork and glass. There really isn't any leftover money to buy quality fruit

Go for the sweet spot. The real trick is not to pay too little… or too much

This is the big one the wine industry doesn't want you to know. Spend too much and you're paying huge amounts of money for very little extra. Above $30-40 you're really not tasting any upgrades. Why? There's a limit to how much you can spend on making the wine better. Once you've paid for the best fruit and the best oak, the rest is just going on the Chateau-le-Ripoff brand name.

Sweet spot wines

Napa Cabernet doesn't need to cost $100

Napa Valley might be world famous for its obscenely bold red wines… but if you've been paying a c-note for its Cab Sauv, I've got some bad news — you're spending 80% on shiny packaging and middlemen — stuff you can't even taste.

The primo Napa stuff — really, some of the best fruit there is — comes in at a production cost of $20. $9-10 goes to the grapes, $5 on the barrel, $1-3 on the bottle & cork and $2 to the winemaker — even though it typically costs YOU 4-5 times that much in retail!

The truth is, you can enjoy top-shelf Cabernet for so much less! You just have to find the sweet spot.

Say hello to the same quality Napa fruit — for the wholesale price (yep, $20!)

When you support indie winemakers up front, the wine costs come down even further. With your help, the best grapes can be bought up front at better prices. The winemakers knows exactly how much they need to make, so there's no waste. Middlemen are cut out.

It means a better deal for winemakers… and an amazing deal for you!
That's what we do at, and our Angels are currently dining out on top Napa Cab Sauv for a clean $20.

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