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Meet the team

We're a happy bunch at HQ. We employ around 75 people and are based in the fine town of Napa with a winery in Sonoma Valley.

Here are a few of the team who you're likely to bump into around the website…

  • Founding Father
  • Loves: Smell of freshly mown grass
  • Hates: Hayfever!
  • Favorite wine: The one I have in my hand right now!
  • Would most like to meet: Nelson Mandela
  • Da Boss
  • Loves: Rugby (all sport really), Surf and family time
  • Hates: Planes and Brussell sprouts
  • Favorite wine: DRG Barossa Shiraz
  • Would most like to meet: I'd use the time to meet my family at the beach
  • Marketing Director
  • Loves: Exploring new places (ideally on my bike)
  • Hates: Boring wines!
  • Favorite wine: Currently loving anything by Gerd Stepp
  • Would most like to meet: Never meet your heroes; stick to meeting your friends!
  • VP — Finance & Ops
  • Loves: Hiking, Hot Springs and Haiku (kidding on the Haiku)
  • Hates: Bureaucracy
  • Favorite wine: Anything by Matt Parish or Alex Farber
  • Would most like to meet: My family for a camping trip. To further enliven the conversation around the campfire, awesome folks like Barbara Kingsolver, Tom Wolfe and the creators of Frisky Dingo are welcome to join.
  • Operations Director
  • Loves: Travel, Curly Fries, Haircuts
  • Hates: Traffic
  • Favorite wine: Champagne Topper
  • Would most like to meet: Malcolm Gladwell
  • Head of Acquisition
  • Loves: Being from New Jersey
  • Hates: People that hate on New Jersey
  • Favorite wine: JP Moulin Champagne Rosé
  • Would most like to meet: My grandfather's mother, Nanny Rabinowitz. Everyone says I'm just like her. She'd be 119 years old!
  • VP — Business Development
  • Loves: Cliffs of Moher
  • Hates: Sneezing
  • Favorite wine: Scott Kelley Pinot Noir
  • Would most like to meet: New partners!
  • Senior Web Nerd
  • Loves: Caffeine, golf and Springsteen
  • Hates: Spaces instead of tabs, the movie Cocktail
  • Favorite wine: JP Moulin Champagne Rosé
  • Would most like to meet: Paul McCartney (and Springsteen)
  • Merch Gal
  • Loves: Soaking up the sun
  • Hates: Traffic
  • Favorite wine: W. Donaldson Sparkling Rose
  • Would most like to meet: Tina Fey
  • Naked Socialite
  • Loves: Hiking, backpacking, camping… being outdoors
  • Hates: Being startled
  • Favorite wine: Benjamin Laroche Chablis 1er Cru Vau Ligneau 2014
  • Would most like to meet: Bill Murray
  • Data Lab
  • Loves: Belly rubs
  • Hates: Loud noises
  • Favorite wine: I'm more of a sardine girl
  • Would most like to meet: Everybody!

Customer Happiness Team + Wine Advisor Team