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The man behind one of your highest-ever rated wines, the magical Montaria

    • Luis makes exceptional wines (together with Antonio Ventura) because he gets the pick of the best grapes. "How?" you may ask...
    • ...he has the inside knowledge on who has the best grapes. We love his wines, and his bulging little black book of great growers!
    • If you like to get lots of wine for your money, look no further... Portugal has wines that are stunning value, just because it is still largely undiscovered.

Map of the Vineyard

Luis Vieira's Story

"It's great to have my wines for sale at," said Luis. "I love hearing your feedback and reviews!"

Luis worked for many years as a consultant to other winemakers – but his real passion was always to create his own line of wines. He's a third generation winemaker. "The profession is well and truly part of my DNA!" he said.

Luis abides by 5 Winemaker Laws:

  1. Respect Nature
  2. Respect the Terroir
  3. Respect the identity of each wine region
  4. Help grow the local economy 
  5. Showcase Portuguese wines abroad

...and passes his advice to all the producers he works with.

"Please enjoy my Montaria wines, and come back and tell me your thoughts - I will try my best to reply!"

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Doug Blasco - Livermore, CA
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Greetings. My name is Doug and I joined Naked Wines in 2016 through the introductory Voucher. Looking back, it was one of the best moves I have made. Great Wines at Great Prices and Guaranteed Satisfaction. Come on in folks, the waters here are excellent. Cheers 🍷

Anthony Chavez
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From wine to tea, there is nothing better then a great drink to bring people together!

Poor Robert
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I live in Missoula, Montana where I am a retired lawyer/Insurance Company CEO. I love the Naked Wine concept and the camaraderie of the host of angels and angelic winemakers I am getting to know. Good wine, great price and good friends, what more could I ask. I see NakedWines as a supersocial network with benefits;