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Patricia Benitez



The unsung hero behind Spain's 100-point Ribera reds

  • Patricia Benitez is a bona fide Iberian winemaking powerhouse. She's dedicated years to iconic wineries, like Pingus and Vega Sicilia, to perfect Spain’s legendary reds with perfect 100 point scores and $120 bottle prices to her name.  
  • Having achieved most winemakers’ wildest dreams, you’d think Patricia would be satisfied. But she had another goal yet to tick off her bucket list… making wine with her own name on the label and with her favorite Ribera area of Fuentenebro at its heart.
  • Now, thanks to Angel funding, she’s finally on her way to unlocking this long-cherished dream. She’s on a mission to rescue neglected old vines in a remote abandoned village in Spain’s Ribera del Duero, to create wines of sensational quality at Angel prices.

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