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10th generation Champagne supernova - and champion of Pinot Meunier

  • Pierre’s been dabbling in all things winemaking since the age of 10 when he would keep an eye on the vineyard and cellar with his father. That’s what you get for being born into Champagne! His dream has always been to continue his family’s wine legacy.

  • Champagne’s under-the-radar grape, Pinot Meunier, is Pierre’s true passion. Pierre says Meunier packs a bit of extra punch. It requires a little more TLC, but he has what it takes to make extraordinary Champagne from this lesser-known grape. And with your funding, he’s ready to bring this variety to life.

  • Pierre and his long-time business partner, Marion Mordelles, are true innovators. They’re known as Champagne Constantine. With Angel support, they’re adding a bit of cutting-edge flair to centuries-old tradition to make bubbly that’s out of this world.

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