Naked Winemaker

Rodolfo Bastida



Head winemaker at one of Spain's biggest wine companies - and reserves the best stuff for his Angels

  • Meet Rodolfo! He’s an unmatched winemaker from Spain’s most famous grape growing region – Rioja! And he’s here to bring Angels a taste of this classic corner of the wine world!  

  • Rodolfo’s been perfecting Rioja wines for one of Spain’s most iconic wineries for more than 20 years, but he joined eager to work on a few special projects of his own with your support. Now those wines are yours to enjoy! 

  • He’s picked up tons of awards and wowed plenty of critics along the way, but more importantly, his wines are already the highest-rated Riojas with Angels around the world. Rodolfo’s dream wines are so special they can only come in small amounts though, so be sure not to miss your share.

Rodolfo's Activity