Naked Winemaker

Yian Lu



She's powerful, surprising and full of life - just like her Central Coast wines

  • Yian says it was a series of lucky strikes that got her into wine. But luck aside, it’s talent and drive that got this powerhouse the spotlight in California's Central Coast. And Angels like YOU, of course!

  • Working with her mentor (and fellow Angel-funded winemaker) Sharon Weeks, Yian's the Assistant Winemaker for a beautiful winery outside of Paso Robles. And now with your support, she has the freedom to make her own Paso reds, whites, and Rosés – they're her first-ever!

  • Born and raised in Taipei, Yian is proud to represent her Taiwanese heritage in her wines for Angels – and show off her own personal style. "Ten years ago, I never would have imagined that this was my life,” Yian said, smiling wide. “But thanks to Angels, I’m living my dream.”

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