F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Merlot 2018

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by Stephen Millier

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Luxurious Lodi Merlot -- it's a juicy giant of a red!

    • Velvety smooth and chock-full of thick dark cherry flavors, Stephen’s Merlot is a wildly captivating red – and at just $10 a pop, it won’t hang around for long...
    • Thanks to a remarkable growing season, Stephen was able to leave the grapes on the vines a little longer than usual, allowing them to develop BIG concentrated flavors.
    • This is the kind of meaty red wine you want to guzzle while tucking into homemade pizzas. Whether you’re going with spicy Italian sausage, or salt-laced anchovies, it’s gotta be a slice in one hand, Stephen’s Merlot in the other.

Aging advice
My wines are ready to drink when first released, but like all great wines it will benefit with a couple of years cellaring if you are so inclined.

Serving advice
Give this Merlot a few minutes to stretch out once you have opened a bottle. Say 15-20 minutes or so would be best.

Local food match
Lately Liz and I have really been enjoying making our own pizza. I always top my slice with anchovies. What is your favorite topping?

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